About Us

About Get Featured

GetFeatured is the premiere newswire company geared at helping small, medium, and large enterprises get traction from their press release marketing campaigns. Led by a solid team that has excelled in online marketing, we are reinventing online press release campaigns to ensure our customers get traction with every release.

Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, including media, public relations, journalism, and marketing. Our skillsets give us a vantage point in the PR space, enabling us to craft winning press release campaigns that hit the bull’s eye of results.

GetFeatured has an in-house wire distribution network that is complemented by partnerships with credible news organizations such as Fox, Boston Global, ABC, and more. Our extensive wire distribution network is the bedrock of our clients’ success.

Why Use Us

GetFeatured takes press release marketing to the next level by focusing on ROI.
Our team is committed to helping you achieve your short, medium, and long-term goals.


Attract Eyeballs with Your Press Release

Get your press release seen by the people that matter with our impactful titles that spark curiosity and grab attention. Our in-house writers will capture the imagination of your prospects in an engrossing, story-led manner that encourages them to want to read the press release.


Connect Meaningfully with Your Target Audience

Reach the audience that will resonate with your content and take the action you want through our industry-specific distribution network. Get foot traffic to your business or engaged leads to your website by leveraging our industry-specific wire distribution sites.


International Press Release Distribution

Looking to reach overseas customers? We’ve got you covered. GetFeatured international distribution partners network will get your message seen all across the world. We can distribute your press release to audiences in specific region or countries to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.


Guaranteed ROI from Your Campaigns

We are all about ROI. This is why we are interested to know your goals with your press release campaigns. Our PR team will craft a well-oiled campaign that will see you get traffic, leads, sales, backlinks, or eyeballs that will help you hit your goals.

Get ROI from Your Press Release Campaign

GetFeatured is all about results. We believe that a press release should generate buzz and get people talking about your product launch, commemoration, award, event, or other special announcements. Even more, the buzz should lead to long-term benefits for your business or organization in terms of branding, social media connections, organic traffic to your store or website, and sales.

We have a well-oiled press release marketing system that ensures our clients get measurable results from every release they send. We work closely with our clients, helping them with creating their press release and distributing it to their target prospects.

We love seeing our clients win and this is why we are so passionate about getting RESULTS!

Get ROI from Your Press Release Campaign

Easy to Get Started

Read to get results from your press release campaign? Great!

Getting started with your press release is easy. Simply navigate here to choose your package and we’ll tell your story to the world.

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