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Submitting content to newsfeed portals is the new way of building links for your online projects. Newsfeeds are important, yet often overlooked, properties for getting content discovered by Google. GetFeatured offers newsfeed portal content distribution service to help your website gain fast rankings without risking Google’s algorithms and manual penalties.

Submitting your content to strong and trusted newsfeed portals helps to build backlinks as well as drive organic traffic to your website. When implemented with an ROI-first approach, newsfeed portals prove to be important avenues for driving brand awareness and improving SEO.

Plain & Simple Grunt Work

GetFeatured agency newsfeed portal service is plain and simple PR grunt work. Our team will manually research and reach out to individual newsfeed publishers to get your content included in the most influential portals on the internet.

We work to generate ongoing referral traffic and brand mentions of your business on leading industry-specific portals.

Identifying and curating high-quality online portals is just part of what our newsfeed distribution team does. We’ll get your content in newsfeed portals of relevant publications frequented by your prospects.

We’ve built strong relationships with leading newsfeed portals, which gives us a vantage point in getting your message out. We will write your content following the guidelines of the newsfeed portals to ensure it will be accepted and reach your target audience in a timely manner.


Committed to Your Success

GetFeatured agency newsfeed portal offers you a great opportunity to communicate your business message to a wider audience strategically. With every content submitted to the portals, your brand name continually builds clout. Moreover, you will be reaching new audiences.

When done right, distributing content through agency newsfeed portals boosts your online marketing efforts, earns your prospects’ trust, and generates traffic to your website. Players in your industry will start to take note when they see your content on the newsfeeds that they’ve subscribed to. This will also boost your authority in your space.

Press Release Benefits

Why Submit Content through Newsfeed Portals?


Build Authority in Your Industry

Prove your expertise and leadership in the industry through powerful media mentions and links from reputable websites that scour newsfeed portals for content distribution.

Establish Trust with Your Audience

Get mentioned by authority publications and picked up by industry journalists to show your customers that other people trust your brand.

Become a Thought Leader in Your Space

Guide and educate your prospects and customers through provoking and well-researched content distributed across newsfeed portals that matter.

Tap into New Audiences

Get in front of relevant and engaged audiences that want to associate with your brand and will find value in your products or services.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Generate traffic to your website and convert prospects to leads through high-quality content tailored for their needs

Build High-Quality Contextual Backlinks

Improve your website’s SEO with backlinks from leading industry newsfeed portals and top tier publications.

Easy to Get Started

Get in touch with us today to start your agency newsfeed portal campaign.
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