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GetFeatured Press Release Distribution Service helps businesses gain earned media, improve visibility in their industry, and generate ROI in terms of brand awareness, website traffic, event leads, and sales. We take pride in having the industry’s most trusted press release distribution network that gets unrivaled results.

We have cut through the clutter and curated the publishing outlets that will help your businesses to achieve powerful results. Our background in PR and online marketing has been critical in curving the types of contents that generate results for our clients.

Tailored for Your PR Success

GetFeatured’s team of writers and PR executives will work closely with you to correctly communicate your message to your audience. We’ll discuss your goals with the PR campaign and bounce content ideas to identify those that would resonate with your audience and lead to the most desirable results.

We’ll then create newsworthy content that will pique the interest of journalists in your space and get them talking about your brand. The press release will be written by our expert US-trained writers and in your brand’s voice. Our team will save you valuable time on articulating your thoughts in a manner that will stamp your position in the industry and appeal to your target audience.

After writing your press release, we’ll distribute it to our tested, high-quality network that is trusted by some of the biggest brands online. Our distribution network is designed to help your business attain media exposure and attention.

Distribution Networks

GetFeatured Support & Services

Need a committed agency that can take charge of your PR campaigns and generate results all the time? GetFeatured is the preferred PR partner for businesses of all sizes. Our PR team can take care of your content creation, pitching, and press release distribution to drive brand awareness, garner quality whitehat backlinks, and generate leads and sales for your business.

Benefits of Brand News Mentions Improve SEO Your website will be mentioned and linked to by high-quality websites. These whitehat backlinks are critical for increasing link diversity, domain authority, and overall website visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Powerful Branding When your business is mentioned on reputable online trade publications, your brand value increases. This trust indicator makes prospects want to associate with your brand. The result? Improved conversion rates.  Brand Awareness Not all readers that see your brand mentioned on the high-quality publications will visit your website. However, just seeing your business mentioned on such a publication is a pretty strong first impression! Your brand will be on top of their minds when they need your services in the future. Syndication Most articles published on major media outlets are often syndicated and republished by other news sites. As a result, your brand will get seen and mentioned multiple times by the syndicating websites. The syndication will substantially increase the number of backlinks and amount of traffic to your site. It’s time to augment your brand awareness through high-quality brand news mentions. Get started with GetFeatured Brand News Mentions service.

Why Use Our Distribution Network?


Influence Your Target Audiences

The easiest way to make an impact on your target audience is simply by reaching them through the influencers they trust. GetFeatured’s distribution network comprises of traditional media, leading online news sites, and trade publications spanning various industries. This wide and robust distribution network allows us to work with clients from diverse industries and guarantee them ROI from their press release distribution campaigns.

Expand Your Digital Footprint

GetFeatured distribution network makes it easy for you to reach new audiences without relying on paid media. We have access to the largest online press release distribution network and the industry’s most discoverable news source. Our service helps businesses to amplify their content and spark engagement from interested audiences.

Garner Earned Media Results

Nielsen reports that earned media has more impact on a business than any other type of content. Leverage GetFeatured’s relationship with leading media outlets to publish and distribute your press release, and get your audience to take action.

Augment Your Owned Media

Owned media gives you control over the context and direction of your brand, enabling you to build credibility in your industry and boost brand awareness. Creating engaging content that resonates well with your target audience requires time and resources. GetFeatured will save you time by crafting and distributing ROI-driven content through our network, leaving you to focus on running your business.

Easy to Get Started

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