Your business has just achieved a milestone. Perhaps you’re about to launch that awesome service that has been with your R&D team for a couple of months. Maybe you’ve just been appointed the sole distributor of a product in your state.

Whatever milestone you’ve achieved, it is only right that you let the whole world know about it. Perhaps not the whole world, but players in your industry as well as customers.

And what better way to do this than by publishing an online press release.

Why Publish a Press Release?

Publishing a press release gives your company an opportunity to share views with the whole world. Positive press coverage can help to position your business as a formidable player in the industry without depleting your marketing budget.

Press release writing and distribution services are affordable and effective in promoting your business. The best thing is that you can get awesome results regardless of the type, size, or scope of your operations.

There is more to effective press releases than simply writing and publishing a quick one-page announcement about your product or company’s milestone. When executed effectively, press releases can be greatly beneficial for your business in the following ways:

  1. Get Instant Exposure

When you have limited resources, how can you spread the word about your company or products in a way that will generate a positive ROI?

In online marketing, content production and promotion go hand in hand. Great content that cannot be found online is akin to winking to a beautiful lady in the dark. You want your great content to be seen by the people that matter, be it your partners or potential customers.

Online press releases can provide instant exposure of your message. When executed correctly, press releases can help your business to build trust and authority on different fronts. Media outlets and journalists covering news in your industry would amplify your content, which will give you instant exposure. Prospects coming across the content will have a reason to check your website or spread your message.

  1. Generate More Sales

A well-executed press release campaign can boost your profit margins by driving new customers to your business and encouraging repeat buys. After unveiling a new product or service, you can write a press release to highlight the features and benefits that put it ahead of other competing solutions currently available in your space.

Effective press releases are not salesy in nature. However, make no mistake about it, their end goal is to affect your bottom line positively. Your business can ride the wave of the increased exposure generated by a press release campaign to attract more leads or close more sales.

  • Boost Your Marketing Plan

Press releases should be part of your general online marketing campaigns. This way, you can get a higher ROI from a release without breaking the bank.

Before submitting an online press release, it’s critical to have end-goal in mind. What impact would you like the release to have on your business? Are you looking to improve brand awareness, position your company as an expert in your industry, generate more leads, or close more sales?

The end-goal should guide the direction of your content.

Remember, press release messages are supposed to be newsworthy. However, nothing should stop you from subtly hinting on a sale in the release or directing readers to a landing page where you’ll have some leeway to remarket to them.

  1. Brand Yourself as an Expert

One of the best ways of building trust and credibility in your industry is by issuing a press release. A well-written release can get you quoted on reputable publications in your industry and even get you interviewed on magazines and TV shows.

A PR campaign can be designed to brand your business as a leader in your industry. The branding opportunity will give you clout and help to drive sales for your business.

  1. Increase Website Traffic

Generating traffic is another effective use of online press releases. You can direct traffic to your blog or other online properties through a well-executive PR campaign. And we are not talking about just getting your release distributed through hundreds of unknown websites. Rather, we mean getting your content picked up and shared by journalists in your industry.

To get results, the press release should be unique and take on a subject at an interesting perspective. This means you’ll have to identify the keywords to be included in your content, connect with journalists and influencers beforehand, and give the PR campaign some push by sharing it on social media.

  1. SEO Benefits

Press releases can boost your SEO efforts and help you generate organic traffic to your website for years to come. You can use a press release wire service to get your content distributed to hundreds of high-quality online PR outlets. This distribution will guarantee you a mix of do-follow and no-follow links, which will boost your website’s backlink base.

You can also optimize the press release for specific keywords to make it rank well on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Well-ranking content can be a source of referral traffic to your website for years to come.

  • Reach New Prospects

Press release wire services offer industry-specific distribution. When your content is sent out, it will be published on outlets frequented by visitors more likely to engage with your message. For example, if your target customers are in a defined local area, you can get your press release distributed by bloggers, hyperlocal news sites, and local online newspapers. This will ensure that the message reaches an audience that is more likely to click your CTAs.

Choose a Press Release Distribution Service

Now that you know how you can use press releases for your business, the next step is choosing the right press release writing and distribution services. You want to go with a company that offers different distribution services for the type of content you wish to promote. Moreover, keep your goals, budget, and requirements in mind before setting on service.

There are dozens of free and paid press release distribution services on the market. When selecting a service, choose one that will return the most SEO or traffic benefits for your business. Look for a company with a proven track record of generating buzz and traffic through online press releases.

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