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Looking for an engaging and impactful way to get your message to your target audience through a press release? Let GetFeatured’s expert writers craft a compelling press release that will resonate well with your target readers and get them to take action.

You already know how to run your business. However, press release writing is a whole different ball game. It requires an intimate understanding of the psychology of your target customers and presenting your message in a manner that will capture their thoughts and feelings.

Our writing team is here to help you articulate your message to reach your prospects where they hang out online and get them to take the next step that will help you achieve your business goals.

GetFeatured writing service is your solution for press release content that gets people talking about your brand. Whether you are launching a new product, are commemorating an event, are celebrating a milestone, or have another special announcement, our writers can weave your thoughts into words to pique the interest of your audience and generate positive buzz.


Credible Writing Designed for Your Brand

Our writers will craft your press release in your brand’s voice that your audience is used to. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your message comes out as intended and reaches your prospects in a timely manner. We write compelling press releases that journalists and bloggers love, and would pick to further your story.

Over the years, we’ve worked with clients from different industries, and this gives us a vantage point in knowing how to approach different audiences. Our internal data analytics allow us to see the type of content that makes press releases go viral and get the most traction.

Eliminate the guesswork out of creating winning press releases and let GetFeatured writing team do the work for you.

Press Release Benefits

Industry-Specific Press Release Writing

Our press release writers come from diverse backgrounds and can confidently communicate with your audience in your industry’s lingo. We work with clients from various spheres, including medical, education, insurance, finance, manufacturing, agriculture, technology, and more.

Not sure what to write? We’re here for you.

Get Featured press release writing team will research your audience to determine the type of content that resonates well with them. From there, we’ll work with your team to come up with newsworthy content that is sure to generate buzz in your industry and amplify your brand.

We are not just writers but also online marketers at heart. We understand branding and searching engine optimization, and inculcate these two aspects in our writing to get you results.

Extensive News Wire Distribution

After writing your press release, it’s time to get it out to the world.

We have an extensive news wire distribution network that will ensure your target audience sees your press release. The distribution network comprises of credible news organization sites from around the United States and overseas.

We also leverage our relationships with journalists to get your content picked up by influential publications and generate the results you are striving for.

Easy to Get Started

Ready to get your announcement to your prospects or customers? Get started now. Navigate to your service page to find more about our pricing and how you can order.

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