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Do you have a newsworthy piece of information that the whole world should know? GetFeatured Press Release service will help you get the word out to people that matter and for the desired results.

Press release wire service makes it easy for you to let your industry know the strides you are making with your business. You can issue press releases to provide important information that your customers, prospects, partners, shareholders and other interested parties may wish to know.

Here are some instances where a press release would come in handy:

Celebrate Your Company’s Achievements

Just attained that milestone you’d set your eyes on for some time? Named the exclusive distribution partner in your space? Clocked 10 years of operations?

Any significant company achievement is a chance for you to let the industry know and celebrate with you. A-players associated with A-players and prospects like dealing with winning companies. A press release celebrating your company’s achievement will not only improve your brand awareness but also drive new business.


Change of Operations or Management

Have you just hired a new CEO? Perhaps there has been a change of management? This is important news that your partners and shareholders should know. Depending on the scope of your operations, you can issue a press release to keep everybody in the know about the changes.

Promote Upcoming  Events

Are you organizing an event and would like press coverage about it? Take advantage of GetFeatured’s press release service to reach your target prospects in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Regardless of your industry, our wide wire distribution service is sure to cater to your needs. Use our well-oiled press release marketing service to generate leads and close sales for your event without breaking the bank.

Announce New Services or Products

There is no better way to announce the launch of a new product or service than by issuing a press release. A release will generate buzz and complement other marketing strategies you may have at hand. Our press release service can be tailored to reach your target audiences in different markets to give you the best ROI.

Press Release Benefits

Press Release Benefits

A well-executed press release campaign is critical to the success of your business. You can use our press release service to get both immediate and long-term benefits.

Here are some benefits of GetFeatured Press Release service.


Generate Referral Traffic to Your Website

Our press release wire service will get your message distributed across various news sites where your target audience usually hangs out. The result? Instant referral traffic of highly engaged visitors to your website or landing page


Create Buzz in Your Industry

Our writers are experts at capturing interest and driving the point home. Our press release service will connect your brand to reputable journalists and publications that will want to feature your business and follow up on your story.


Position Your Business as an Authority

What better way to position your CEO or company as an authority in your industry than by issuing a press release? Ride the wave of a trending topic and give your company exposure through our wide wire distribution network.


Gain White-Hat Backlinks

Set your site for long-term SEO success by acquiring high-quality whitehat backlinks from our network of reputable news distribution sites.

Easy to Get Started

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