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GetFeatured Press Release service is the ultimate power pack for businesses that want to build authority in an industry. The service is designed to generate positive press that will enhance your brand’s visibility in your space, drive targeted traffic to your website, and garner high-quality white hat backlinks that will get your website ranking high on SERPs.

What to take control of your press release and have your business recognized for the wire service? Take advantage of our White Label Press Release Distribution.

What is White Label Press Release?

When you purchase our press release distribution services, our business name is usually attached to the release. The release usually has the following information: “Distributed by GetFeatured.news”

As a trusted press release wire distributor, major news outlets and journalists trust our brand and rely on our releases for newsworthy information. The relationships we have built with journalists, editors, and news outlets over the years give us a vantage point in making press releases work for our clients.

However, some clients prefer to see their own brand on the press releases. For example, instead of having your release stamped that it’s been distributed by GetFeatured.news, you may want your company recognized instead.

This is where our White Label Press Release Distribution services come in.

GetFeatured.news White Label Press Release Distribution service gives you all the benefits of having your release distributed to major credible news outlet but with your own branding. With the white label service, news outlets that publish the press release will acknowledge your company as the wire distributor.

White Label Press Release Distribution

Why Choose GetFeatured Press Release Distribution Service

GetFeatured Press Release service is the industry standard for generating high-quality white hat links fast. We can take your business’s milestone, award, or other accomplishment and turn it into a newsworthy press release that will generate buzz in your industry while earning your website quality backlinks.

We have invested in a quality distribution system that enables us to produce press releases within a few days and have them distributed to hundreds of news outlets such as Fox, ABC, Boston Globe, and more. Your published press release will be picked up by hundreds of credible news outlets, which will syndicate it on their sites.

The result? Hundreds of quality backlinks from authority news sites to your website.

Press release backlinks not only increase your website’s authority and trust but also generate tons of referral traffic, which you can capture and nurture for sales.

For digital marketing agencies, take advantage of our white label press release distribution service to generate results for your clients. You will love our white label reports, which you can brand with your logo and name to show your clients the traction achieved from the distribution service.

Why Choose GetFeatured Press Release Distribution Service

Why Use White Label Press Release Distribution

There are many benefits of using GetFeatured’s White Label Press Release Distribution services. These include:


1. Inject Your Branding

White label press release allows you to get more from your campaign by injecting your brand and company as the source of the information. Instead of having GetFeatured.news as the wire distributor, you can use your business name as the distributor. Some news outlets also allow you to include your logo in the press release.

2. Reseller Opportunities

You can resell our white label press release service to your customers for additional revenue.
Digital marketing agencies trust our services because of our guaranteed placements on major news sites as well as the opportunity to own the wire distribution service by using their brand (name or logo). Your customers will never know that you are using GetFeatured.news as your wire distributor.

3. Guaranteed Placements

GetFeatured.news has strong relationships with major news outlets across the world. Our network of press release distributors is set up for your success. Every press release distributed across our networks of partners is seen by real online visitors, and will bring traffic and sales to your site.

4. Works for All Businesses

Our white label press release service is available to all types of businesses. Whether you are a mom-and-pop store with a small online presence or are a PR agency with hundreds of clients, we have you covered.

Getting started is really easy; simply choose the “White Label” option when ordering your press release service.


5. Quality Press Release Service

With our White Label Press Release Distribution service, you get the same high-quality press release writing and distribution service that GetFeatured is known for.

Our team of expert writers will craft compelling, newsworthy release for your business, which we’ll distribute through our partner network for maximum exposure. All this will be done without our brand being mentioned anywhere.

Easy to Get Started

Ready to generate buzz, traffic, leads, and sales on your website? Click here to select your press release package.

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